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Learning Design


My Audience: Independent Teachers Choosing to Create Their Own Courses

My Process: 
Needs Analysis,
Storyboarding, Instructional Design, Mockups, eLearning Content Development, Deploy, Gather Feedback, Edit

Tools I Used: 
Articulate 360, Google Suite, Canva, Panopto

This course was created within 24 hours for the purpose of demonstrating how easy it is to create learning material with Articulate 360 tools. This mini-course includes extremely brief introductory lessons on Instructional models (ADDIE and SAM, in particular), Accessibility, and SCORM.

Slideshow, audio, and video lessons are presented with text, images, and downloadable material as one navigates through the course with ease. Most lessons culminate in a quiz. 

Knowledge checks regarding Articulate capabilities are also included throughout. These checks will not affect the overall score.

Did I Use ADDIE, SAM or Some Other Instructional Model?

  • Video Presentation

    Canva, Panopto

  • Slideshow Presentation

    Canva, PowerPoint

  • Audio Presentation


  • Quizzes and Knowledge Checks

    Articulate 360

  • Accessible Content

    Canva, Panopto, Sonix

  • Downloadable Content

    Canva, Adobe, Google Suite

Optimized for mobile using Articulate Rise, viewable in desktop mode.


Additional Projects

This project was created using Adobe Captivate for the purpose of prospective patient education. This is optimized as a desktop version.


As an experienced online and in-person ESL Teacher, Jennifer taught students from age 3+. Many Child and Adult students from around the globe benefitted from her personalized courses. She provided group and individual instruction. She also became involved in e-learning gamification projects and test preparation.

Jennifer created the Leader Teacher program to coach other ESL teachers through the process of establishing themselves online as Independent Teachers and Tutors. She conducted virtual group training, and webinars and authored all course content.

“Jennifer …excels in designing bespoke solutions to meet the various teaching challenges faced by her clients. She is particularly adept at gathering feedback and incorporating it into the design process to ensure that the final product meets the needs of the end user.”

– Tammy Thompson, Instructional Coach

Thank you for taking the time to consider my portfolio. I am passionate about creating effective and engaging learning experiences, and I am always looking for opportunities to apply my skills and knowledge to create interesting and practical learning experiences.

Contact Me:

email: jenniferenny@gmail.com